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In 1995, ZhuHai Zhaohua Advanced Administration Education Institute (ZhuHai Zhaohua) was found by Professor Shan Yuanzhuang in ZhuHai, one of the four economic zones in China. To better cooperate with partner schools and share vast education resources in Xi¡¯An, a city with more than 40 Universities, Professor Shan established Xi¡¯An Zhaohua Administration ducation Institute (Zhaohua) in 2001. Accredited by Education Commission of Shaanxi Province, Zhaohua can offer MBA degree program courses. 
The ZhaoHua Business School is the only private university in China that has been accepted by AASCB as a member, and she is the first private university that has received European Union scholarships.
The goal of the ZhaoHua Business School is to train MBA students in team discussion, case analysis and information technology.
ZhaoHua Business School¡¯s MBA education connects theories with business practice, focusing on practical training and hands-on experience. ZhaoHua Business School has established exchange relations with many colleges and universities in America, France and Singapore.
ZhaoHua Business School¡¯s MBA program has cultivated many senior management talents who are now active on both domestic and international business stages, contributing to China¡¯s economic development.
The ZhaoHua Business School is actively engaged in consulting projects and high-level forums both within and outside the university. The MBA students also have the opportunities to study overseas or to have internships with both famous foreign and domestic enterprises.

Address:JUMP 4F 72 Tec Road, Xi'An, China High-tech Development Zone Xi'an, Shaanxi China¡¡ Zipcode:710075 Tel: 86-29-88455312, 86-29-88455313
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